Butt enhancer

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No more surgery! Enhance your shape with this latest design in shape wear.   The product feels natural, soft and is elastic making it a comfortable way to enhance your hips by an inch.  Further it comes  in different tones so that you can match it to your skin tone and it is cut out in the appropriate places to facilitate easing yourself.  Look good in any outfit with this silicone enhancer and save money on surgery.  Particularly good with bodycon dresses, this product is easy to clean and maintain and is durable.

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0.63" color#03, 0.63" color#04, 0.63" color#01, 0.63" color#02, 1" color#02, 0.47" color#04, 1" color#01, 0.47" color#03, 0.47" color#02, 1" color#04, 0.47" color#01, 1" color#03, 0.32" color#03, 0.32" color#04, 0.32" color#01, 0.32" color#02


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