W7 Brow Bar Eyebrow stencil kit


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Sharpen your look with this brow kit that is all you will need for fabulous brows. It consists of: 4 Eyebrow powders, 3 Eyebrow stencils, 1 eyebrow comb and 1 eyebrow brush. What’s more it is compact and easy to carry this beautiful eyes kit around.

1. Using the comb/brush provided, tame and groom eyebrow hairs.

2. Choose the eyebrow stencil of your choice over the eyebrow in the desired position – remember eyebrows are personal, if you want a high arch, you go for that high arch!

3. Using the angled brush provided, fill in any gaps or areas that need colouring and shading using the colours in the palette.
Tip: Mixing of the colours will help you achieve the perfect shade for your brow.

4. Remove the stencil from the eyebrow and admire your bold brow.

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